The Hay Bale House - Alberta & Shepard Byrant with their grand- children in Mason's Bend

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The Rural Studio Film - Jury Award Winner
Best Feature Length Documentary
Festival Internacional De Cinema Del Medi Ambient
Barcelona, Spain
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Fine architecture is usually reserved for wealthy patrons or grand civic spaces. But in 1993, Auburn University Professor Samuel Mockbee set out to change that. He founded The Rural Studio, which guides students in the design and construction of homes and community spaces in economically depressed Hale County, Alabama. The Rural Studio Film captures this innovative program’s vision of architecture as a social art form capable of raising the human spirit. This contextual-based learning philosophy seeks to transcend race and class and in the process changes the lives both student and client.

Mr. Schultz's film has become one of the most important vehicles for disseminating the profoundly successful model developed by Professor Mockbee... thanks to Mr. Schultz's efforts, we now have a compelling vehicle by which to extend the benefits of the Rural Studio's achievements.
--Lawrence Rinder - Curator of Contemporary Art - the Whitney Museum
The film beautifully captures Sambo Mockbee's gifts both as an architect and as a teacher. As Mockbee and his students work with black and white families in Alabama, they present viewers with a powerful architectural vision. It is a vision that challenges architects to build exciting housing that is accessible to all our society. Congratulations on an exceptionally fine film.
--William Ferris - Public Policy Scholar - Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
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